An Avoidable Mistake

Something happened to me this week that I thought would never happen to me ever again. I fell for someone and wasn’t afraid of anyone knowing. I’ve always been private about my feelings and relationships. No one in my family knows about anyone I’ve dated. Not from my mouth. They only know what they’ve convinced themselves they know. ( Nothing based in fact or reality). But for this person, I told them. Every single one of them! And everything he made me feel.

The someone in question is a very important person at work. All the girls I work with are head over heels in love with him. I never paid him any mind because I found the fawning over him repulsive. I mean, I understood why they love him. Handsome, great hair, perfect smile, and absolutely unattainable. He’s the boss. Let’s call him Jake.

Well, Jake has been showing signs of having a bit of a crush on me for the past 9 months…his stares followed by a shy smile from across the room, his constantly-passing by my desk act, and his looking for every reason to do nice things in front of me–did I mention his smile every time he sees me?

As I said, I didn’t care for him. He seemed so sure of himself and seemed to know that everyone was in love with him. I hated that. No way was I going to be one of his groupies.

But like all women, I knew how to use his liking for me to my advantage. He had a crush on me, I was sure of it. And it was time to see if I was right. As he was passing by my desk for the 10th time that day, I finally talked to him for the first in 9 months. I needed help. Really.

“Under what circumstance, would you help me…?” I asked. The moment I started talking to him you could see him light up. “I could… I could help you. Do you need help?” He said. Slowly folding his arms, resting them on my desk and resting his chin on them immediately after. Putting his grinning face less than an inch in front of mine. I could feel my heart racing. And his eye–his eyes looked like he wanted to have me right there–infront of all my colleagues and clients–and couldn’t care if the whole world was watching. He looked like he had just been given the best gift in the world. Can’t really explain it, but he looked excited, eager, humbled, happy, and intense–all at the same time.

Wierdly enough, his facial expression in that moment awakened something in me. He looked vulnerable and eager to please me. Me! The only time my heart beat like this for anyone was in high school.

He caught himself halfway through his excitement and put on his serious boss demeanour. “Well, if you need help, you’d have to come explain more in my office. I’ll put you on my schedule…” He looked back and smiled at me as he walked away.

Ugh! I became a groupie!

In his office, I couldn’t help but feel cold. I don’t know if it was from the nerves or the horrible set up that made the outside winter wind flow directly in. “Your office is unbelievably cold…” I blurted. I couldn’t help myself. As if there was any doubt of his feelings for me, he reached for his jacket that was hanging on the office door. I stretched my arm to reach for the jacket, but before I could, he was already standing behind me laying the jacket over my shoulders and around my arms. “I hope that helps” he said as he walked back to his chair.

Something about that moved me. What is he up to?


Before you all get your hopes up, or fully disappointed, I can assure you that nothing is going to happen with Mr. Boss guy. He has a Playboy reputation and unless I’m fully wrong, he’s married. Plus, there’s no way I’d turn myself into a cliche… messing with the boss… messing with married men… becoming one’s prey…etc

Built my reputation for far too long to break it down now.

I do love that he’s made me realize that I’m capable of feeling. I have very very strong feelings for him, but I’m pretty sure they’ll pass by winter’s end.

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